Welcome to Digital Health AI!

We are a multidisciplinary international group of researchers and innovators at leading academic institutions and technology companies in North America, Europe and Asia, that develop and study digital transformation and artificial intelligence applications in biomedical research, medicine & healthcare as well as their impact on society to enable precision health.

Our Team

Our team of investigators and collaborators, research  associates and graduate students has expertise in health sciences (medicine, immunology, genetics, microbiology, epidemiology, public health), natural- and applied sciences (biochemistry, chemistry, biology, molecular biology, engineering, computing science) and social sciences and humanities (education, psychology, philosophy, gender studies, Indigenous knowledges).



Daniel C. Baumgart, MD PhD MBA
Principal Investigator
Professor of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Computing Science
University of Alberta
130 University Campus NW
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2X8